HEC is helping promote energy efficiency while saving our members money in the process.  The Irrigation Rebate Program provides cash rebates when consumers update their existing irrigation systems to new energy efficient sprinkers or VFD motor controls.

VFD's help adjust motor speeds to match loads and improve efficiency while conserving energy. The benefits of VFDs are widely documented and may include:

  • An ability to compensate for changing irrigation demands, reducing energy consumption
  • Reduced wear on pumps and motors
  • Eliminates need for pump control valves
  • Advanced control with pressure transducer
  • Minimizes water hammer in pipelines due to controlled acceleration/deceleration
  • Reduce your electric bill

High Efficiency Sprinklers

  • Minimize water waste
  • Maximize water application
  • Reduce runoff
  • Conserve water and Save Energy


Every year, members pay unexpectedly high bills for something easy to do; forgetting to unplug small heaters.  There is a simple solution —Temperature sensing plugs.  Harney Electric is offering two FREE temperature sensing plugs to all members.  This device shuts off energy wasting heat devices such as small heaters, defrost wires, engine heaters, pet warmers, well heaters, animal water and grow lamps.  The sensing plug turns connected devices on when the temperature drops below 39 degrees.  As the temperature rises back above 39, it stops the flow of electricity eliminating wasted energy and saving you money!    To request your temperature sensing plugs, click here https://hec.gpfulfillment.net/


If you would like more information, please contact Stephanie @ Harney Electric: